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HIV Services

A space and movement that is focused on equal access to prevention and care for all.

Whether you are a long-time survivor, or recently diagnosed, being HIV-positive is a manageable condition.  Proper medical treatment is essential, but there are other important aspects to living well with HIV.  Our team of licensed professional counselors and social workers are here to link you with vital resources, benefits and services, and help you achieve the physical, emotional and financial balance that make the difference between living and thriving, instead of simply surviving.

Inside Case Management

HIV Counseling

A safe space to gain knowledge, assistance and/or treatment for your overall wellness. The Montrose Center offers individual, couples/family and group counseling for those whose lives have been affected by […] More »

HIV Testing & STI Prevention

Your sexual health is our priority and you should always feel comfortable discussing your complete wellness The Montrose Center conducts street and community-level outreach targeting persons who are identified as […] More »

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