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What United Way Means to Us

United Way of Greater Houston

Montrose Counseling Center is celebrating its 20-year partnership with United Way of Greater Houston. Every year since 1991, MCC has received United Way funding for various programs, including the Way Out Recovery Program, the LIFE Counseling Program and the Anti-Violence Program. In all three of these areas — substance abuse, anxiety and depression, and domestic violence — we know that without treatment, some of our clients would have faced certain death had it not been for the safety net MCC provides. United Way touches one out of every two people in the Greater Houston area, and we are proud that we are able to do that as an organization that openly serves the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and HIV+ communities.

When employees contribute to their company’s United Way campaign, they are able to designate their donation. Every year, more and more people are letting United Way know how much they value the unique services we provide and the population we serve. MCC recently learned that our designations added up to $61,634! Since MCC receives $77,480 from United Way, approximately 80 percent of that is because people have chosen Montrose Counseling Center on their pledge forms. On behalf of all of clients we will see this year, we thank each and every one who supports United Way through individual donations or through company giving. We also ask our employees to support United Way.

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