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Thanks a Million

Deep gratitude goes out to Silver Eagle Distributors for generously donating the beautiful rainbow-colored signs and banner for our Pride Parade entry as Organizational Grand Marshal 2010.

We’d also like to Rudi Lechner’s Restaurant, Pink’s Pizza, Chatter’s Restaurant, and Minute Maid/Coca Cola for donating food and beverages for our volunteers as they worked to put together our Grand Marshal Pride Parade entry.

MCC thanks the Brown Foundation for a $20,000 grant in continued support of our Chemical Dependency Program, and the Hollyfield Foundation for a $5,000 grant in continued support to the SPRY Program.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to the hosts of the following ERSICSS’s shows, who raised money for MCC as one of Reign XXVI’s charities:

  • Duke XXVI Cubby Christopher & Special Guest Emcee Emperor XXV J.P. Gill at “Sounds of Freedom” on Friday, June 4
  • Peasant Royales Scott Kenyon & Susan Hayes at “The Peasants of Reign XXVI Revolt – Let The Games Begin” on Friday, June 11
  • Emperor & Empress XXVI Falcon & Sheri Anne Bouton and the college of Monarchs at Monarchs Revenge – Get The Puck Out – Having Fun & Being Bitter” on Saturday, June 12
  • Viscountess XXVI Stacy McBride O’Neal at “Darlings and Dudes in Denim – When the Cowgirl Meets the Cowboy” on Friday, June 18
  • Hosts of “TURN-A-BOUT” on Saturday, June 19
  • Reign XXVI King Fathers Larry Spriggs & Bob Bouton at ““Who’s Your Daddy” on Sunday, June 20
  • Peasant Royal Susan Hayes at “50/50 Split Show” on Sunday, July 4

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