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Eat, Drink and Be Merry at OKRA in March

Help the Montrose Center get lucky throughout the month of March with your patronage!

What? OKRA Charity Saloon is in the business of giving away all of its proceeds? You read that right. Now we just need to steer our people to the bar and then to vote for us. No small hurdle in that, given that it is a nontraditional watering hole for the LGBT community. But friends, we are here to tell you they want us there!

Here’s how it works. OKRA has selected four charities for this month. When you order food or a beverage, you get one vote you can cast for one of the four charities. At the end of the month, the charity with the most votes wins the proceeds. For. The. Whole. Month.

Now the other three charities we’re up against do great work, but let’s face it, we have to get our people to a new place so we’re a little bit the underdog.

OKRA has been doing this for awhile now, and they’ve given away more than ONE QUARTER OF A MILLION dollars. We would love it if you would make your way over there at 924 Congress Avenue, downtown, and bring a bunch of friends, have a great time and vote for us.

We’ll be headed over there for a big green after party following Bringin’ in the Green on March 14. Come and Get Lucky!

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