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Chalk Messages

Montrose Counseling Center’s HATCH program was all set to participate in the You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project on October 4. This would be HATCH’s first year participating in the annual, nationwide suicide-prevention awareness project that is targeted to provide positive, uplifting chalk messages of hope and inspiration to GLBTQ youth. But then on September 28, local organizers learned that Cy-Fair ISD student Asher Brown had taken his own life, so the Chalk Message Project was held that night and HATCH youth and members of the community were invited to write messages in the parking lot of Montrose Counseling Center.

The messages were cordoned off, offering support to other youth as well as the other clients, staff, volunteers and supporters who came and went from the agency. With an assist from Mother Nature, staving off the rain, the messages stayed up almost the entire month.

For those who were not able to see the messages before the rain finally washed them away, please visit our Photo Gallery. All photos are courtesy of MCC volunteer Brandon Byrd.

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