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AssistHers Clients

AssistHers Clients

AssistHers clients are LGBTQ+ women and non-binary individuals with a chronic illness or disability who would benefit from the support of a care team! AssistHers clients must be LGBTQ+ individuals, who live in an area where volunteers are available and whose needs are not limited to medical care or financial assistance.

Services Offered in the AssistHers Program:

Volunteer Care Teams

Volunteers are trained and supervised in the provision of non-medical care for AssistHers clients. They work together on care teams, dependent on the client’s needs, to provide support, services, and socialization. For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the volunteers, please check out the AssistHers Volunteers page.

Supplemental Food Assistance

The AssistHers program is able to provide monthly grocery store gift cards for eligible clients who require food assistance. Currently, the AssistHers program offers HEB and Kroger gift cards for eligible clients. AssistHers clients are also able to get supplemental food assistance from the Montrose Center Food Pantry.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation assistance for medical appointments is available for AssistHers clients. The program can provide Uber/Lyft rides for transportation to and from medical appointments. For clients who are eligible for MetroLift, the program can also provide monthly MetroLift passes.

Case Management

The AssistHers program is able to offer case management services through our partnership with the Montrose Center. Once the client’s needs have been assessed, the client is then matched with services and/or agencies in the community.

Educational Presentations

AssistHers is committed to educating people about health topics that are important for the LGBTQ+ community. The program provides monthly educational presentations that cover a range of topics, which include COVID-19 & vaccinations, breast cancer awareness, oral health, mental health, hurricane preparedness, homophobia & minority stress, and more. These presentations are open to the public. Please email if you are interested in either attending or being a guest presenter.

Public Speakers

Public speakers are available to provide presentations about the AssistHers program. Please contact for more information.


Download our resource packet! It has helpful information for everything from healthcare, food assistance, support services, and more!

If you think that you would benefit from an AssistHers care team, please fill out the form below.

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