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LGBT Switchboard Houston

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender.
We’re answering the call …with no “hang-ups!”

  • Depression / Suicide / Crisis Intervention
  • Domestic Violence Help & Shelter
  • Sexual Assault & Hate Crimes Support
  • Addiction Support & Treatment*
  • HIV & STD Information*
  • LGBT-affirming Resources*
  • Community Events & Visitor Information*

Texas residents only, please.

*General information and resources are provided only during business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-7pm). Crisis calls are accepted 24 hours per day.

LGBT Switchboard 24-Hour Helpline [formerly Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Houston] has been on the line for Houston’s GLBT community since 1982. A service of the Montrose Center, LGBT Switchboard continues to rely upon dedicated and specially trained volunteers to sustain itself.

With support from the United Way of Greater Houston, Texas Office of the Attorney General and community partners, the Montrose Center and the Switchboard remain vital links for LGBT individuals throughout Southeast Texas who have become targets of domestic violence and sexual assault. Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, may contact the Switchboard if they have become a hate crime target.

Not in Texas?