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Suicide Prevention Month

Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies from suicide.

One person will make the decision that life is too painful to go on in the time it takes you to read these few paragraphs. We’ve seen it reported in the news, especially with the recent death of comedian Robin Williams, and we know all too well that LGBT youth and seniors are at risk.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. We have a resource page at the Hatch Youth website that gives you information about putting together a suicide prevention plan. While it was initially created for youth, it has valuable details that can help anyone who is in danger but also is a good resource if you’re one of those people that your friends and family always turn to when the going is rough.

Let others know how widespread this public health crisis is and how many of the living still carry the memories of someone they’ve lost. You can be a guiding light for someone to reach out to if they are having a difficult time. And if you are here in Houston,  in crisis, battling depression, hitting rock bottom with an addiction — reach out to us at the Montrose Center or contact the LGBT Switchboard at 713.529.3211.


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