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Thanks a Million

Deep gratitude goes out to the Houston Area Bears for their support of HATCH over the last few years. Their donations have supported HATCH’s ongoing programming, as well as funding the purchase of furniture for the HATCH room, which was vital to our ability to turn this space into a warm, welcoming environment for the youth. Thank you, Bears, for your recent donation of nearly $1,600, as well as all of your support of HATCH at annual events like the HATCH Prom. We love you, Bears!

Thank you very much, Sundance Cattle Company, for recognizing Montrose Counseling Center’s ongoing efforts to meet the mental health needs of Houston’s GLBT communities. We are honored to be the recipient of the 2010 Fanny Farmer Community Service Award.

We sincerely thank Melissa Flories and Sara Sjolander for encouraging the guests at their annual pool party on August 14 to bring school supplies for the HATCH youth in need and food and hygiene items for our case management clients.

Huge thanks go out to the Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages, and everyone who participated in their event on August 15, for collecting food for HATCH youth in need. Many of the youth participants who come to us don’t have enough to eat at home. We will send your donations home with them so that they can get the sustenance they need.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to the hosts of the following ERSICSS’s shows, who raised money for MCC as one of Reign XXVI’s charities:

  • Hosts of “Queen of Queens” on Friday, August 6
  • Royce Wood Siebert, Natasha Nikole Siebert, & Craig W. Rae at the Casino Trip on Saturday, August 7
  • Imperial Prince Scott Kenyon at “Eat, Eat, on 8/8” on Sunday, August 8
  • Imperial Princess Susan Hayes, Alex Stroud, & Vixen Devereaux Morehead at “Well Blended” on Friday, August 13
  • Hosts of “King of Kings” on Friday, August 13
  • Jenny LaRue at the Jenny LaRue Show on Sunday, August 15
  • Hosts of “Queen of Queens” on Friday, August 20
  • Viscountess XXVI Jody Travis & Jack Naderhoff at “Summertime” on Friday, August 20
  • Hosts of the Finale & Crowning of the Queen of Queens & King of Kings on Saturday, August 21
  • Grand Duke XXVI Blair Fullerton at “Malice in Wonderland” on Sunday, August 29

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