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Sign of the Times

When you walk into the elevator lobby on the ground floor, you may see a new decal on our window. Montrose Counseling Center is a proud participant in the Aaron’s Angels Safe Shelter program. Area businesses, partnering with the Aaron Scheerhoorn Foundation for Change, are placing the sign in a window to let the public know that we are committed to providing whatever help we can to someone in imminent danger. Not intended to be a shelter in terms of serving homeless, the program is designed to prevent situations like the one that resulted in the death of Aaron Scheerhoorn in December 2010. Fleeing from a knife-wielding attacker, Aaron was turned away from a business where he sought help. His attacker proceeded to stab Aaron to death in the parking lot outside the business.

Montrose Counseling Center Executive Director Ann J. Robison, PhD, says the partnership is good fit since MCC’s Anti-Violence Program is a principle responder to the GLBT communities advocacy needs in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence or bias/hate crimes. These services are available around the clock at MCC, 713.529.0037 during regular business hours, or through Gay & Lesbian Switchboard at 713.529.3211 in the evenings and on weekends.

The Safe Shelter Agreement promises:

  1. To make reasonable efforts to provide a temporary safe haven for those who come to our business in need of shelter or assistance when faced with imminent threat of bodily harm or danger.
  2. To provide such person(s) the use of a telephone or other modes of communication to contact the proper authorities.
  3. To educate our business’s staff of possible risks and dangers in the community and our business’s intent to fulfill our promise under this agreement.

By signing this agreement, we acknowledge the importance of the safety of our patrons, staff, and the community. So when you see the sign in our window and other business windows, know that we won’t turn our back on you.

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