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Seniors and the Disabled Urged to Register with 211 Before Disaster Strikes

Two months into Hurricane Season, we are reminding anyone who thinks he or she may need help evacuating in the event of a disaster to call the state’s 211 Helpline. The Transportation Assistance Registry was set up so that those who need help can register in advance and avoid a last-minute panic.

Following lessons learned during Hurricane Ike, the state has set up a database for those who require assistance to evacuate, for those who cannot drive, cannot arrange transportation, and for those who do not have a vehicle or anyone to help them. GLBT seniors who are isolated are encouraged to register. Those who are HIV+ and receive transportation assistance also are urged to register.

According to state emergency planners, the registration will give them an idea of how many people will need transportation assistance, as well as what type of help they’ll need. The most important thing is to plan ahead.

To register, dial 211. From a cell phone, VOIP, or if you have other trouble reaching the helpline, you may call toll free 1-877-541-7905.

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