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HATCH Prom: Over the Rainbow & Over the Moon!

Deb Murphy poses with a regal list of prom sponsors

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Where do we begin? First, thank you to this amazing community for supporting our GLBTIQA youth at the 19th Annual HATCH Prom, the most successful prom EVER.

We had an extraordinary group of entertainers, including the fabulous Joy De La O, the outrageous Marcia Mink Anne Gill and Crystal Rae Lee Love, and the multi-talented Gendermyn. Each and every one of you is an example of the potential these youth have — living and making it through some trying years — and becoming authentic to yourselves and so successful at what you do.

Carl Han, we cannot thank you enough. But we’ll try. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! It makes all of us get a little choked up when we know that these amazing teens have someone like you to whom they can look up. Carl helps HATCH in so many ways all year round. Your current profile picture shows that under the rainbow, there truly is a heart of gold. Thank you Carl and Gary Giddings (along with everyone from the Love Fest) for being sponsors at our King/Queen level.

Montrose Star, Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages, and the SEF Group — we hope y’all get the pleasure of seeing the smiles in all the pictures. Our florist, Village Greenery & Flowers, as well as our food/beverage donors, are places we should support all year long, because they make sure we can give the youth a memorable evening. They are, Asians & Friends, Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House, Baba Yega, Carter & Cooley, Jackson & Company, Minute Maid/Coca Cola, and Ziggy’s Healthy Grill. One of our facilitators, Andrea Washington, also contributed to the fare. Beth and her friends also made some of the decorations. Those who donated door prizes and the Prom Court Gift Baskets were Bayou City Performing Arts, The Chocolate Bar, Half Price Books, and Becky & Ken Wickman. You, too, keep HATCH going.

Deb & Des, and Chris, we hope you’re able to relax and recuperate after leading us through this 19th annual event. The HATCH Steering Committee outdid themselves with the theme, inspiring their creative centerpieces, and making sure that “there’s no place like home/HATCH.”

We are so grateful to our board of directors, many of whom came to the prom. Brendan Mikeska again spearheaded his team of volunteers, along with Megan and Meleah, reaching out to the community and letting them know how they can get more involved in HATCH.

The prom is a celebration, along with the Pride Parade later this month, for us to congratulate the youth for making it through the school year, congratulate our former HATCHlings for the strength you carry on your shoulders, and congratulate one another for noticing and listening to the voices of younger generations.

Who are the rest of you? Our Tuxedo/Gown sponsors were Roy Alvarez, Jr., Evelyn & Karen Carlson, Nathan Foyil, Bill Green & Brett Bohnn, and Janice S. Martinez. Disco Ball sponsors were Hal Core & Steve Walker, Ryan Goepel & Anelu Moreira, Lesbian Health Initiative, Dennis Robinson, Rob Schmerler and Karen J. Williams. The Corsage sponsors included AFCI, Rob Alvarez, Shellye Arnold & Tina Sabuco, Charlotte Avery & Arden Eversmeyer, Bill Baldwin & Joe Gonzalez, Sash Cavin & Ai Tran, Gwen Flager & Ruthann Adam, GLSEN, Edward T. Inderwish, Liz James, Ryan Johnson & Mitch Viviano, Denise Lippy, Brendan Mikeska, Stephen & Joseph Milano, Vergil Ratliff, Richard Ray and Texas Art Supply.

Those who also gave to support the prom, Kenneth Bohan, E.D. “Skip” Engelhardt, Mary Lynn Furay, F.B. Hagermeister, Alisa Kline, Lisetta Lavy, Dan Lueken, Muffie Moroney, Johnny Peden, Victoria Quijano & VQ Designs, Samantha & Mark, Nelda Shoup, Gilbert E & Cheryl A. Siard, Bryce Stewart, Eric Swenson, and Vee (a HATCH youth!).

And Our Special Guests for your unwavering and continued support of HATCH, the members of Bunnies on The Bayou, The Diana Foundation, Houston Area Bears, ERSICSS, Krewe of Olympus and the best allies in the whole wide world, PFLAG.

So HATCH Prom of 2012, you have some ruby red slippers to fill. Good luck “class of ’11.”

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