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Our Stomping Ground

This little enclave – Houston’s Montrose neighborhood – has been chosen, yet again, as one of the best or beautiful. This time it’s by Travel & Leisure magazine. Living, working, and/or recreating in this gorgeous neck of the woods is something we all wear with pride. Who didn’t squeal with excitement when Legacy reclaimed its Montrose Clinic moniker? We also are proud to be a part of this amazing community, whether we look at it as a neighborhood or the city’s GLBT cultural crossroads.

Now you can outfit your car or computer with the latest in geek-wear, and let the world know that Montrose is and always will be a state of mind!

So how does this QR (Quick Response) thingamabob work? First you have to download an app on your smart phone that can read the code. Virtually any QR scan app will work. Scan the code with your smart phone. Your phone then decodes the code and displays the text, link or whatever the code has been encrypted to do.

That’s all we’re saying. You’ll have to scan it to see where it leads.

Stickers will be available to the general public at the Montrose Counseling Center reception desk mid-November. If you happen to see a few VIP’s sporting the sticker already, they were recently given away to our supporters at our annual fundraiser, The Secret’s Out.

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