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Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Use and Disclosure Policy

The Montrose Center staff who have access to HMIS follow the data use Policies and Procedures to guide the data use of client information stored in HMIS. Client data may be used or disclosed for system administration, technical support, program compliance, analytical use, and other purposes as required by law. Uses involve sharing parts of client information with persons within an agency. Disclosures involve sharing parts of client information with persons or organizations outside an agency.

▪ Participating Agencies may use data contained in the system to support the delivery of services to homeless clients in the continuum. Agencies may use or disclose client information internally for administrative functions, technical support, and management purposes. Participating Agencies may also use client information for internal analysis, such as analyzing client outcomes to evaluate program.

▪ The vendor and any authorized subcontractor shall not use or disclose data stored in HMIS without expressed written permission in order to enforce information security protocols. If granted permission, the data will only be used in the context of interpreting data for research and system troubleshooting purposes. The Service and License Agreement signed individually by the HMIS Lead Agency (the Coalition for the Homeless) and vendor contain language that prohibits access to the data stored in the software except under the conditions noted above.

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