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Give • Giving Throughout December – Gay it Forward

It Doesn’t Have to End Here
Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday.
We’ll be accepting your tax-deductible donations through December 31.
A social movement happened on December 3. On that day, the spirit of the season shifted from spending to giving. The Montrose Center is one way you can Gay it Forward into the new year.

Gay it Forward

We’re looking over our office supplies and thinking about how valuable the simplest things can be. And yet, how crucial they are for us and the work we do.
Tissues. It’s a little budget item that comes out of office supplies. We need tissues for our participants to wipe tears from their eyes.
This paper might end up in a client handbook, outlining the services we provide for an older gay man who has lost his partner.
This pen might be the one that an outreach worker carries to do prevention, education and testing on the street.
This highlighter might be used to let everyone know that your preferred name is not the same as your legal name.

And this paperclip might help us keep all your documents together so that we can assist you when you’re ready to flee an abusive relationship.
This pad of paper might help a lesbian write about an assault that took place years ago. She can’t bring herself to say the words out loud.
File folders, hundreds of them. Each represent a client yet to walk through our doors. They’ll be placed in cabinets with labels, alphabetically filed with other folders. The new ones in sharp contrast to the oldest folders, worn around the edges.
Some of those older files are people who never thought they’d make it to 2013, possibly because of addiction, depression, HIV. They’re still coming here.

These supplies help us do our job, empowering lesbians, gay men, bisexual men and women, transgender persons, their loved ones and allies to become their most authentic selves.
Not everyone who seeks our services is depressed, addicted or HIV positive. We have people who come to maintain the good relationships in their lives and participate in activities that bring them great joy. And when they share that with us, it may be accompanied by tears of happiness.
And we have tissues for that, too.

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