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Don't Lose Us On Facebook

Some recent changes at the social networking site have made it a little more challenging for people who have already LIKED us to see our news feed. We don’t want you to miss anything, so first, we need to make sure you’ve LIKED our nonprofit PAGE and not just our profile. A page and profile are completely different. Our nonprofit PAGE is where we post the majority of our updates.

How can you tell which is which? If you see us in your friends or on your feed as “Montrose Montrose,” then you are at our profile. If you see The Montrose Center, you’ve found us!

After you have found our nonprofit page, simply click LIKE.

But wait! There’s one more step. You’re not quite finished. Put your curser over the LIKE button again (mouse over), then select “get notifications.” That way, you can see all of the posts from pages like ours or any other ones you care about.

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