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Deb Murphy’s Thanksgiving

Hatch Youth Specialist Deb Murphy opens her heart to the community.

2005 Pride Parade Grand Marshal
2005 Pride Parade Grand Marshal

While Deb was out of pocket, a group of former Hatchlings shared  a video tribute they had created for Deb. She heard from people all over the country when they heard what had happened to her.

Now Deb has been the Grand Marshal of the Pride Parade. In 2010, she was chosen by her coworkers as the Employee of the Year. She wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of love she received through this ordeal. You can read more at the November issue of OutSmart Magazine.

These are her words from recent updates.

More good news

Posted by Deb Murphy

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to take a minute to bring you up to date. Using my new prosthetic toes, I started driving again yesterday. I will be returning to work Monday. I am so glad to return to my job it makes me teary eyed.
My left leg continues to heal very, very slowly. But, it is healing. Once it’s healed I will be working to be fitted with and learn to use a prosthetic leg.
I want to say a bunch of thank yous. To all of you who have supported me both emotionally and financially. To those who donate anonymously and let me know I’ve helped them. To those who have donated more than once. To Greg at OutSmart, who realized I needed this fundraiser* and who made it happen. To my friends who have modified their home and moved me in while I heal. To all of you. You have helped me enormously.
With love from a grateful heart.
– Deb


Posted by Deb Murphy

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
Thanks to your generosity, I am looking forward to the future with hope and a deep knowledge that the only thing limiting me will be my imagination.
Thank you especially for this gift of spirit and heart.
– Deb


*The fundraiser to which Deb is referring to is not associated with the Montrose Center, and your donation to GiveForward is not tax deductible.

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