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“Corporations Come Out” Volunteer Event

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Coorportaions Come Out 2017



11:30 – Presenters arrive

12:30 – Attendees arrive, sign in and mingle

1:00 – Program and refreshments

2:00 – Breakout Session 1

2:30 – Breakout Session 2

3:00 – Community Focused Volunteer Projects

Breakout Session Topics:

Pride Houston – Representatives from Pride Houston will provide information about their organization. They will also discuss ways to volunteer with them and ways to be a part of this year’s pride events.

GLBTQ Advocacy – Representatives from different advocacy groups here in Houston will present information about their organizations and will discuss ways in which groups can become more aware of and engaged with GLBTQ advocacy.

GLBTQ Youth – Representatives from the Montrose Center’s HATCH Program, Project Remix, and NEST Collaborative will share statistics on LGBTQ homeless youth, information about their programs, ways in which they are fighting LGBTQ youth homelessness and ways in which groups can join that fight.

GLBTQ Seniors – Representatives from the Montrose Center’s Senior Diner program and SPRY (Seniors Preparing for Rainbow Years) will share information regarding some of the struggles that LGBTQ seniors face. We will discuss our senior housing campaign, No Place Like Home, and our vision and objectives for the campaign. We will talk about ways to become involved in volunteering with and supporting our seniors.

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