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On Sunday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m., AssistHers will host their annual Decadent Dancing & Desserts event at Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon. We are excited to announce that this year’s headlining entertainment will include cabaret-comic extraordinaire, Roxanne Ward. Normally only available through luxury cruise performances, Roxanna is making a special trip from Laguna Beach, CA for the annual Decadent Desserts and Dancing. She is a mom, director, conductor, and incredible comedian.

A community favorite for a decade, Decadent Desserts & Dancing offers LGBTQ Houstonians the chance to dance, socialize and experience great entertainment while sampling delicious delicacies by some of the best dessert chefs the city has to offer.

The event brings together approximately 400 LGBTQ community members for a fun filled celebration encompassing community. Held on a Sunday, a few weeks after Valentine’s Day, it provides s a second chance to celebrate the spirit of love. Guests enjoy catered bbq fare, tailored raffle packages, comedic musical performances, local chef competitions and as its name implies, plenty of dancing and decadent desserts.

“Decadent Dessert and Dancing is monumental, as it stands as one of the community’s only women focused events,” says Ann Robison, Executive Director of the Montrose Center, “and we are honored to continue its legacy through hosting this year’s event.”

AssistHers was established in 1996 to serve lesbians with disabilities and chronic illnesses in hopes to help them live as normal a life as possible. Since the organization’s humble beginnings, they have served more than 100 clients within the Greater Houston Area. Through volunteer care teams, they provide weekly quality-of-life support to clients. This assistance includes supplemental food aid, transportation, case management, in dwelling service, meal prep, errands, indispensable socialization and more. In addition to these vital services, AssistHers also work to eradicate discrimination and break down barriers lesbians face when accessing health and social service systems. The clients, volunteers and care teams create a powerful social organization for Houston’s women and with your assistance the organization can serve more women in need this year.

In 2016, the Montrose Center expanded services for women, the transgender community and LGBTQ Houstonians of color. As a result, the Center partnered with AssistHers in order to afford their volunteers and leadership the opportunity to focus on direct client care.

Former AssistHers President, Lynn Schwartzenburg, says “AssistHers is grateful to everyone who has supported DDD over the years. We hear wonderful stories of gratitude from our clients about the AssistHers program. We could not continue making a difference in our clients’ lives without the community.  With our partnership with TMC and continued community support we will keep helping lesbians with chronic illness live life as normally as possible for a very long time. ”

This year’s goal is to raise $35,000, making it the most successful event in AssistHers’ history. Revenue raised will ensure that we continue to serve the most vulnerable women in our community.

Click here to purchase your tickets and help us reach our goal!

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