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AssistHers and the Montrose Center announce partnership



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-For the past twenty years, AssistHers has been led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors to provide care team support for lesbians with chronic illness and disabilities. AssistHers is proud to announce a new partnership with The Montrose Center.

AssistHers and the Montrose Center complement each other in mission and operations. For 38 years, the Montrose Center has empowered Houston’s LGBT community through its four areas of service: Youth services, senior services, health and wellness and community. This planned partnership will expand the capabilities of AssistHers and the reach of the Montrose Center’s programming.

Lynn Schwartzenburg, AssistHers President stated “AssistHers’ Founding Mothers built a strong foundation and each Board of Directors added to the rich history. Each board member strives to leave the organization stronger. With the approval of our Founding Mothers and the current board, we believe this agreement secures the longevity and success of AssistHers for many years to come.”

Dr. Ann J Robison, Montrose Center Executive Director affirmed that “The Center is humbled that the AssistHers Founding Mothers, Board and Volunteers trust us to sustain the services and support for Lesbians who need help during an illness. We believe that there is a synergy between AssistHers services and the Center and we are proud to be in a position to make sure the services and mission continue. That is what the ‘community’ in our service array is all about.”

Both organizations see a natural, innovative alignment of complementary operations and services to more effectively address the immediate needs of the clients. In this partnership, the Montrose Center has agreed to provide professional services and support while the AssistHers volunteers focus on day-to-day management and delivery of services for their clients. The boards of both organizations have signed a letter of intent and expect the partnership to be finalized later this summer.

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