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A Message from the CEO in Remembrance of Diamond Brigman

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Today, our hearts are heavy as we reflect on the passing of community member, Diamond Brigman.

At the Montrose Center, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Houston’s transgender community, holding space for each other as we navigate this profound loss. As an organization dedicated to serving and uplifting our entire LGBTQ+ community, we stand firm in our commitment to creating a world where trans people can thrive without fear of discrimination or violence.

Diamond’s death is a reminder that Black and Brown trans women are often the victims of violence and discrimination. We stand arm in arm with our partner organizations and the trans community during this difficult time, and we renew our commitment to centering the stories and experiences of those who are most impacted by transphobia and racism.

In times of sorrow, it is vital to lean on each other for support. The Montrose Center extends a warm embrace to anyone grappling with Diamond’s departure. Our mental health professionals specialize in providing nurturing and inclusive care to the transgender community, ensuring that every person feels valued and understood.

We offer a variety of mental health resources, including personalized counseling, welcoming peer-led support groups, and immediate crisis intervention services. Whether you’re wrestling with grief, anxiety, or depression, our doors are wide open for you. Our compassionate team is dedicated to tailoring care to your unique needs and experiences.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please reach out to us without hesitation. Our intake department is available to assist you in scheduling an appointment or in learning more about our services. To get started, please call (713) 529-0037 during regular business hours or visit Additionally, our crisis hotline is ready 24/7 to provide immediate assistance or referrals. For crisis support, please call the Montrose Center’s LGBTQ Switchboard at (713) 529-3211.

In honor of Diamond Brigman, let us unite as a community to uplift and uphold one another. Together, we can build a city and a state where every individual is cherished, respected, and celebrated for who they truly are. 

In solidarity,

Avery Belyeu (she/her)
Chief Executive Officer
the Montrose Center 

We encourage you to stand in solidarity with the local trans community by attending the community vigil in honor of Diamond Brigman, hosted by The Mahogany Project Inc, Save Our Sisters United, and Lavender Rights Project. The vigil will be held at 5300 Caroline Street, Houston TX, 77004 on Sunday, March 24 starting at 2:30 PM. Parking will be available on-site in the Family History Research Center lot.

For media requests and other inquiries,  please contact Communications and Marketing Manager, Marcellas Ball (he/him) at (713) 800-0840 or at

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