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Thanks a Million

Huge thanks go out to Tye Blue and everyone who participated in the “Stand Up and Sing” benefit for HATCH on November 14. What a great way to bring the community together in support of GLBT youth!

Deep gratitude goes out to Carl Han, Gary Giddings, and everyone who attended the 4th Annual Brunch in November on November 20. Congratulations, Carl and Gary, on an amazingly successful event which raised more than $2,000 for HATCH!

We extend our sincerest appreciation to the hosts of the following ERSICSS’s shows, who raised money for MCC as one of Reign XXVI’s charities:

  • Count XXVI Christopher “Cubby” Prado at “High School Memories: The Good and the Bad” on Friday, November 5
  • Emperor XXVI Falcon at “Outrageous: From Taboo to Fabu” on Friday, November 12
  • ERSICSS’s Board of Directors at the Candidate Announcement Show on Saturday, November 13
  • Hosts of the Meet the Candidates show on Friday, November 19
  • Candidates for Emperor/Empress XXVII Scott Kenyon, Lillian Devereaux, and Alicia Dos Amantes at “Corduroy Dreams” on Friday, December 3

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