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Reimagining Wellness

The Montrose Center is excited to redesign our wellness program to more thoroughly address health disparities faced by LGBTQ Houstonians. In partnership with you, a member of our community, we can increase and diversify our wellness options in our community center, creating offerings that you request, and decrease barriers to care.

We especially want to make space for people and communities who do not always have their voices heard, so some focus groups will be only for those communities. Others are open to everyone, no matter which groups you do or do not identify with.

Would you join us for a focus group? We’d love to hear from you! There will be snacks and water, and all focus group participants will be entered to win big prizes.


If you are unable to make a focus group and still would like your voice to be heard, click the link above to take our anonymous survey.

The following focus groups will meet at the Montrose Center. Call 713-529-0037 for more information.


Date Seeking Input from CommunityMembers Who Identify As: Time
Saturday, 8/13 Women 12:30-1:30pm
Friday, 8/19 People who are Low-income and/or Homeless 11am-noon
Tuesday, 8/23 Transgender People 6-7pm
Tuesday, 8/23 People who are Low-income and/or Homeless 11am-noon
Wednesday, 8/24 Latinx, hispanohablantes 6-7pm
Tuesday, 8/30 Latinx, hispanohablantes 11am-noon
Tuesday, 8/30 Women 6-7pm
Wednesday, 8/31 African-American and Black People 11am-noon
Wednesday, 8/31 HIV+ People 6-7pm
Tuesday, 9/6 HIV+ People 11am-noon
Tuesday, 9/6 African-American and Black People 6-7pm
Wednesday, 9/7 Open to All 11am-noon
Wednesday, 9/7 Asian People 6-7pm
Tuesday, 9/13 Asian People 11am-noon
Tuesday, 9/13 Transgender People 6-7pm
Wednesday, 9/14 Open to All 6-7pm

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