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Queer The Census 2020!

We need you to help us Queer The Census!

The Census is the nation’s tool for the distribution of money and power across the United States. Now more than ever, it is important that every member of our community be counted. As we know, questions about gender and sexuality were not added to the 2020 Census, a decision that sits uncomfortably with many members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We understand that individuals in our community may approach this form with some reservations but after the 2010 census, our community missed out on $10,000 per person not counted! That’s why as part of our #QueerTheCensusHTX Campaign, we’ve launched the Census Engagement Form!

The data set collected from your participation will help us engage advocacy and policy makers about much needed resources for Houston’s LGBTQ+ community, particularly for those most marginalized (transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, people of color, and our seniors). In addition, it will serve as an example of just how easy and impactful add these questions would be in the near future so that we can be seen, be heard, and be counted.

We hope you’ll join us by filling out the form and be a part of the #QueerTheCensusHTX movement. Please feel free to share and encourage your friends and family members to participate as well.

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