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Falcon & Sheri at Coronation

Emperor and Empress XXVI Falcon and Sheri Anne Bouton celebrate the culmination of their successful reign at Coronation XXVII of the Empire of the Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc. (ERSICSS).

At the Coronation to show ERSICSS our vast appreciation for their support throughout Reign XXVI: (Left to Right) Board Members Chong-Hao Fu, Chris Robertson, Dennis Robinson, Brendan Mikeska, and HATCH Volunteer Lakeia Spady, (In front) Executive Director Ann Robison and Community Projects Specialist Meleah Jones.

(Left to Right) Volunteer of the Year Paul Allen, Board Member Chong-Hao Fu, and MCC Supporter Margie Harris attended the Coronation to learn more about ERSICSS, this amazing community organization that has raised more than $1,000,000 for local charities throughout the years!

During intermission, ERSICSS member Christopher “Cubby” Prado leads Volunteer of the Year Paul Allen, Community Projects Specialist Meleah Jones, HATCH Volunteer Lakeia Spady, and Board Member Chong-Hao Fu in an impromptu performance of the Cupid Shuffle.

Emperor and Empress XXVI Falcon and Sheri Anne Bouton (center) introduce the representatives of their beneficiaries, Montrose Counseling Center (left) and Assisthers (right). Beneficiaries will receive their annual donation at the Investitures on Saturday, February 19, at 4 p.m. at the Brazos River Bottom. For more information about this event, please click here (Add link to the upcoming events article that includes info about this)

The evening culminated in the announcement of ERSICSS’s new Emperor and Empress. MCC extends its sincerest congratulations to Scott Kenyon and Lillian Devereaux, who will lead ERSICSS during Reign XXVII. They were awarded this honor after a community vote.

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