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Part 2, Linking Aging & HIV Service Providers

Are you prepared to talk with seniors about safer sex? Can you tell them where to go to get tested for sexually transmitted infections? These are just two of the many topics we need to think about as service providers in 2013 and beyond. Thirty years ago, the first cases of HIV/AIDS were just being discovered. HIV/AIDS is still here. Treatment has changed. People have changed. We’ve gotten older. Patients are living longer. Senior service providers and HIV/AIDS service providers have developed expertise and created best practices based on the populations they serve. It’s time to establish a connection.

Join us for another free, 2-day training for elder and HIV service providers hosted by AIDS Community Research Initiative of America and the Montrose Center. ACRIA facilitators will be in Houston those days to discuss the epidemiology of HIV among the elder population, the statistics and data relevant to the Greater Houston area, co-morbid conditions affecting older adults, prevention strategies, challenges, and treatment issues. The presenters also will address the specific challenges in Houston to addressing HIV prevention and treatment and the strengths elder and HIV services can build upon.

The HIV & Aging Workshop, Connecting the Dots Part 2 will be held Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 11, from 9:30am to 4pm at the Montrose Center. If you are interested in attending, Rsvp to Hanna Tessema, ACRIA at:

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