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April Monthly Update: Law Harrington Senior Living Center

Aerial view of the Law Harrington Senior Living Center

Welcome to our April monthly update for the Law Harrington Senior Living Center!

First and foremost, we want to share that our contractor is taking appropriate health precautions to protect all workers on site during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workers have access to gloves, face masks, and other protective gear, signs have been posted throughout the site, group meetings have been changed to accommodate social distancing guidelines, and “hot zones,” such as ladders or handrails, have been marked, reminding workers to sanitize and take appropriate steps after coming into contact with a zone.

The two-story community center shows the most progress as insulation has been put in place, windows have been installed, sheetrock is going up, and the roof is almost complete. Check out the comparison to last month!

You may not be able to see it, but these are actually pictures of the Legacy Clinic and waiting room, the library, and gym!

Framing for the one and two-bedroom independent living apartments has also made considerable progress. Work has begun on the fourth floor of building one while the third floor of building two is almost complete.

Lucky residents on the third and fourth floors will even have some stunning views of the downtown Houston skyline.

We will be ready for hardhat tours once the Stay Home, Work Safe order is lifted. Until then, enjoy more pictures below and a poem written by one of our seniors.

Oh There’s No Place Like Home

By Don

   Oh, there’s No Place like Home for me.
But a Senior Center, you see.
   It will be built by my Community
For One and ALL, an Opportunity
   With Services right at hand
Life there will be grand.
   O then, Y’all can live with me
Living, Loving and Se Be.

   Oh, there will be a place to call home
To live without any need to roam.
   Health, Wellness and More
Right there at your door.
   No need to cook all day.
Just take a look today.

Yes, “There’s No Place like Home” to be
The L.H Center is one for me.
Friends, Foes, Straight and Queer
All are Welcome Here.
So play games, or garden if you must.
Just live Safely and Secure; Just Trust.

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