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LGBT Teen Q&A Reaches Milestone

Do you have a question about relationships but are too shy to ask? Dating advice is not easy to come by for many LGBT youth, which is one of the reasons why Montrose Counseling Center launched Ask Allie. This month, the healthy relationships website hits a milestone by answering its 100th question. These questions come from youth from all around the world. Allie has answered questions ranging from bullying in schools and the workplace to information about sexually transmitted infections, with dating relationship questions being the most popular to ask. Initially a project Anti-Violence Program Specialist Allison Vogt came up with to give HATCH teens a chance to anonymously ask questions about dating, the Ask Allie website has gained momentum and questions flood in weekly. Although not every question is answered because of the appropriateness, or its vagueness, Allie answers with much heart and some levity.

If you know a teen who could use some good, old-fashioned, LGBT-friendly advice, please tell them about Ask Allie.

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