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LGBT + Health Workshop Series 7/20

Celebrate summer by spreading awareness with LHI and Legacy Community Health by attending our next health workshop!

Do you get overwhelmed by the amount of information about STDs on the internet? Want the facts rather than scary pictures? Come learn more about sexually transmitted diseases you may encounter in your diversity of sexual practices and prevention tips to keep your bits healthy. We will also discuss low cost testing resources in the area and cool strategies to discuss sexual health history with your partners, free of stigma. We’re bringing food, fun learning, and jokes of course.  All you need to bring is  yourself – but we’d love it if you brought friends too!

LGBT Health Workshop Series 2 np

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: 401 Branard, Room 114

*LHI + Legacy workshops are queer and trans centered/affirming, non-judgmental, and inclusive of all relationship dynamics. Come see what your other health classes left out!

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