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Know Your HIV Status. Get Tested.

June 27 marks the 15th year for National HIV Testing Day. Begun in 1995 by the National Association of People with AIDS, organizations across the country, including Montrose Counseling Center, offer free HIV Testing to promote early diagnosis.

It is estimated that one quarter of one million people living in the United States are HIV positive and unaware of their status. That means that they are at risk for infecting others and are not receiving any form of treatment treatment.

In observance of National HIV Testing Day, Montrose Counseling Center will offer free HIV testing on Monday, June 28th. Walk-ins are welcome to come between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to the first floor GLBT Cultural Center at 401 Branard, to get tested. MCC uses the OraQuick ADVANCE Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test. You can expect us to take a swab of the inside of your cheek. Before you take the test and while you wait for the results, we will talk to you about behavior and reducing your risk for HIV infection. We can tell you your results in about 20 minutes.

If June 28th is not convenient for you, please call our outreach department at 713.529.0037 to schedule an appointment to get tested. Montrose Counseling Center offers additional services to those who test positive, including support groups, case management, and both individual as well as couples counseling.

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