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Gayest & Greatest : 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards

Cast your votes here today!


The Montrose Center has several nominees who made the list. We hope that you will consider voting for the staff, volunteers and sponsor organizations below.

Cast your votes here today!

If we win the Favorite LGBT Philanthropic Organization (highlighted below) we will receive a $5,000 check!

You can vote daily from July 12 to August 18. Last year OutSmart had approximately 225,000 individual votes which is a lot of community members thinking about the Center and our incredible programs! You can also write in other amazing staff that are currently on the ballot.


2017 OutSmart Gayest and Greatest Nominees


  • Favorite Female Community Photographer – Judy Woods
  • Leading Male Fundraiser – Kennedy Loftin
  • Most Valuable Female Volunteer – Kim Townsend (Volunteer photographer with all the tattoos that attends every women’s event)


  • Best Local LGBT Website – Montrose Center
  • Favorite LGBT Benefit Event of the Year – There’s No Place Like Home (Our recent June 3rd/June 4th events that raised $325K)
  • Favorite LGBT Philanthropic Organization – Montrose Center

  • Favorite Local LGBT Community Organization – Outreach United (Half the money they raise goes to our Youth, Senior and Mental Health Services)

Health and Beauty

  • Best Female Mental Health Therapist – Brittany Burch
  • Best Male Mental Health Therapist – Chris Kerr

Travel and Vacations

  • Best LGBT Cruise or Tour Company – Concierge Travel (donated entertainment to the There’s No Place Like Home party)

Cast your voter here today!

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