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Four Choices for Street Youth

“In order to survive, I only have four options. I can beg. I can steal. I can sell drugs, or I can turn tricks.”

When most youth are starting school, it’s estimated that 40 percent of the street youth population identifies as LGBT. According to a report by the True Colors Fund and Forty to None Project, family rejection is the number one reason youth give for turning to the streets. Abuse within the family comes in as a close second. The statistics were compiled from a survey of nation service providers who work with LGBT homeless youth, and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Forty to None Project hosts a number of resources for LGBT youth living on the street, and we are very proud that Montrose Counseling Center’s Youth Services Program is listed.

What can you do to help?

Montrose Counseling Center empowers Houston’s LGBT homeless youth population to get off the street. Through Project Remix, outreach workers provide information about available resources, referrals to affirming service organizations, preventative knowledge about human trafficking, as well as resources like condoms and water. The program costs about $2,500 a month to operate. You can help by making a donation today.

And don’t miss OutReach United’s annual Houston Coming Out Celebration October 12 – 13. OutReach United provided the seed money to get Project Remix off the ground. Last year’s party raised enough money to cover nearly three months of our work with homeless youth!

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