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Customer Service at a Crucial Moment

By Yolanda Bucio

People seem to have wide, varying ideas about what customer service should look like.  To me, it doesn’t just mean directing customers to  paperwork or the services they set out to obtain that day.  It means to assure people that they are welcome when entering or calling the Montrose Center, and above all, to feel safe. I want you to know that you’ve come to the right place for assistance.

I feel very lucky to have daily direct contact with you whether you’re a client, a coworker or a volunteer.  Sometimes I am taken aback at how appreciative many people are when I feel like I was just providing the assistance that they deserve.

This leads me to think that many of you have often felt overlooked, or have not been provided with enough of the very basic respect and access to services that everyone deserves when seeking help at agencies like ours.  When you come here, I want you to feel acknowledged, even if we’re on the phone and can only smile and nod.

This is important to me because sometimes just coming here or calling can be one of the most delicate and difficult steps you’ve taken to reach out for help.  I don’t want us to lose you at such a crucial moment, or for you to have any negative experiences that might make you reluctant to return.

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