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A Grand Time as Grand Marshal

June 26, 2010, forever will  be a very special day for Montrose Counseling Center and Executive Director Ann J. Robison, PhD. As Organization and Honorary grand marshals, we were honored to open this year’s GLBT Pride Parade.  We were very excited to share the honor with Honorary Community Grand Marshal Mayor Annise Parker, who is an Honorary Board Member of MCC, Celebrity Grand Marshal Andy Cohen, Female Grand Marshal Carol Wyatt, and Male Grand Marshal Gary Wood, who supports MCC as a beneficiary of his annual Coming Out Day celebration. Congratulations to Pride Houston on another successful year of Pride festivities!

[images_gallery 3 /]In addition to being humbled by this honor, we were extremely touched by the parade attendees’ cheers, compliments, and well wishes. We’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the members/allies Houston’s GLBT communities for their ongoing support.

MCC was blessed with nearly fifty staff members, Board Members, volunteers, and supporters, who walked with us in the parade. Many held beautiful, colorful signs that highlighted the Rainbow of Services MCC offers. From providing affordable community space to our ongoing HIV prevention efforts, Montrose Counseling Center pledges to continue to do its best to respond to the changing needs of the populations we serve.

As a leader of Houston’s GLBT communities for more than 31 years, we want to encourage you to pledge to be more active in Houston’s GLBT communities. Simply take a picture of yourself with your pledge, post it to our Facebook page or email it to us. We will proudly display your photo here with the pledges taken at the Pride Festival.

How will you be a more active member/ally of the community? Feel free to use one of our suggestions or write your own pledge. You can pledge to:

  • Attend an event for a GLBT charity
  • Come out to someone new as a member/ally of the community
  • Donate to a GLBT charity
  • Know your HIV status
  • Add to your wardrobe a rainbow pin, ring, shirt, button, etc.
  • Volunteer for a GLBT charity
  • Speak up against heterosexist language and actions
  • Educate your friends and family about HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infection

We are out and proud 365 days a year. Join us by taking the pledge today!

As always, Montrose Counseling Center is here for you when you need us. For more information about our programs or to schedule an intake appointment, please call 713.529.0037. For 24-hour crisis intervention, please call the Gay & Lesbian Switchboard at 713. 529.3211.

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