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Top Five Reasons to Support Bringin’ in the Green

Haven’t been to our annual St. Patrick’s Day party in recent years? Not sure if the event will make your list of Must-Attend soirees? Here are the Top Five Reasons to mark Green on your calendar  5:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Friday, March 16! Buy your tickets or become a sponsor today!

Number 5: The Location

John Danielson’s beautiful, historic home located at 3618 Burlington. The party’s location is worth the cost of entry all by itself. From the artwork and stained glass windows to the charming, historic touches like a bathroom with a slanted roof under the stairs, you don’t want to miss it!

Number 4: The Refreshments

With delicious hors d’oeuvre generously donated and prepared by attorney Dwane Todd, you’ll regret missing this spread. Although the menu changes each year, recent favorites include a cheesy seafood dip, brownies, and of course, plenty of beverages served throughout the party.

Number 3: The Silent Auction

Do you like to travel? Dine out? How about enjoying the symphony? The opera? The ballet? Our silent auction of luxury items will include these opportunities, and many more!

Number 2: The Company You’ll Keep

As MCC’s longest-running fundraiser and a St. Patrick’s Day tradition, partygoers are sure to be a Who’s Who of our community’s leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to hobnob with other MCC supporters! To view photos from last year’s party, click here.

And the Number 1 reason you should support this event? The Cause, of course!

Every penny raised will go to direct client services. Our sincerest thanks to the party’s hosts John Danielson and Dwane Todd for making this possible. Unrestricted funds like the ones raised at Bringin’ in the Green are vital to MCC’s ability to empower our community to enjoy healthier and more fulfilling lives.

When budgeted funds have been exhausted, your support allows us to continue meeting the community’s various needs. For example, last year the need to place in safe shelter those fleeing an abusive partner far exceeded what had been anticipated, but we are proud to have been able to continue getting individuals to safety and helping them rebuild their lives because of the support of people like you.

Save lives! Join us today. To buy tickets or to become an event sponsor, please click here.

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